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Supergreen 24V/48V TKF (R) Solar Air Conditioner Powered by Solar Batteries

1)  It’s easy to save 30% to 50% of power daily

Energy Conserver

The Offgrid air conditioner does not need power due to its off grid conditioning. They can be charged by the solar panels or the inverters to work at its best. It has the capability to reduce power wastage and conserve energy.

2)  Spreads cooler air all-around the house reaching farther

Comprehensive Air Circulation

Air circulation of the off grid air conditioner has different values and ranges depending on the area and dimensions of the room. 450m3/h air is suitable for 10-15m2 area while 550m3/h to 1050m3/h of air circulates in a 12m2 to 48m2 area.

3)  Can be used where there is no electricity as it consists of a high-quality compressor

48V DC Compressor

With the help of 48V BLDC motor and compressor as well as a 48V DC voltage, this appliance does not need an extra inverter and will work at its best when connected to solar power directly.

4)  Works effectively with 1HP power with the 450w of input

Electricity-free Area

If you are looking for an appliance that can work in an electricity free area, thus, it works with the help of a motor, solar panels, battery, and solar controller. Hence, distribute the cooler air evenly due to its professional power consumption.

5)  Supergreen tech has controlled indoor as well as outdoor noise

Noise-free Appliance

Keep your area of cooling noise-free. With less effort it produces low noise of around ≤40 to ≤50 dB (indoors) and ≤50 to ≤58 dB (outdoors). All quiet and all cool.

6)  A highly portable appliance that can work off grid and offers 100% air conditioning

A Portable Type

With the DC indoor and outdoor motor, solar air conditioner ensures regular cooling breeze formation. That makes it more portable as compared to all the other cooling appliances. Plus, with DC 12V/24V/48V motor and compressor, it will work at its best and the modern design will completely support its performance and working. You can effortlessly shift it from one room to another and enjoy the relaxing environment wherever the conditioner goes.

7) Eco-friendly and Cost-effective Air Conditioner

Reduce environmental impact

The solar powered air conditioner will help you in saving your finances and also taking care of the environment around you. The solar air conditioning system requires minimum materials and other moving items that makes it even more reasonable and cost-effective. Plus, these solar panels can be used for other purposes as well like heating, so there is no need to buy extra panels.


How does the DC motor work
A simple DC motor works with a simple mechanism that includes a coil of wire that can easily rotate in a magnetic field produced through rotation. Likewise, the current is supplied with the movement and contact of the two brushes that further on make contact with the split ring. Thus, the coil is fixed in the steady magnetic field. A strong force is exerted on the coil that is carrying-current, therefore it will help in the creation of the torque force on the coil.
How can solar powered air conditioners use different objects and items to generate electricity and produce cooling?
Before we start, you should know that there are different types of solar air conditioning technology that have their own way of operation and working. However, the basic phenomenon of electricity production is quite similar.
Initially, solar photovoltaic plates are required to convert sunlight captured by a solar array into electricity. These solar air conditioners are actually powered by the sun, thus they function the same as the typical split system.
Is the solar energy sufficient for the powering and charging of air conditioners?
Somehow, solar energy is not considered sufficient and can be found inefficient if proper solar energy is not provided to the appliance. On the other hand, there are possibilities that if solar energy is not enough for the charging then the appliance might switch to conventional electricity and recharges itself, but it depends on the appliance type and system as some are off grid air conditioners they can only be charged via solar plates.
How much do these air conditioners cost that are operated through using solar energy?
Solar air conditioners might cost high as compared to other conventional appliances. Most probably, their cost is high due to the solar panels, and other important equipment needed to convert sunlight into electricity. You also have to pay for the storage battery if the system is hybrid.
Do solar air conditioners offer benefits to the users and the environment?
As you know that the solar powered air conditioner requires less moving parts and material, in that case, they turn out to be more environmentally-friendly and cost-effective that can be used for a long-term.
Split design - capacity

12,000 BTU, 6000 BTU, 9000 BTU/h

Window design - capacity

18,000, 24,000, 24,000 BTU /h,


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