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ACDC On solar air conditioner


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ACDC solar air conditioner saves power up to 99% (day time)

Cannot work offgrid and does not require any battery back up system.

1)  Solar Hybrid Inverter Technology Works best in office/schools

Harness Free and Natural Energy

This cooling appliance consists of a hybrid inverter technology that captures free energy from the sun and then converts it into electrical energy so that it can run the air conditioner unit.

2)  Gets connected with dual solar/grid power

Hybrid Power Unit

ACDC grid solar air conditioner connects to dual grid that makes it a hybrid appliance. As it cannot work off grid therefore, it is connected to a flat plate and a vacuum tube for better functioning. Additionally, it can feed solar power back to the grid if not used at day time.

3)  Hybrid solar air conditioner potentially saves energy

Energy Conserver and Saving Mode

It will enable the user to save up to 97% energy on the main power usage, therefore, appliances like these are largely used in schools and offices as they are convenient to use.

4)  Hassle-free installation and management of the solar air conditioner

Save Money and Easy Installation

No additional inverter is required during the installation of the appliance. You can easily install the air conditioner whereas, you can also save a lot of money while lowering the energy usage. No hassle, no worries!

5)  Circulates cooler air wherever you want it to

Suitable for Different Areas

The ACDC solar air conditioner has the ability to distribute cooler air all-around the area, room, office, or a lounge. Area can vary from model to model like ranging from 10-55 m2. However, air circulation can also vary like 450m3 to 1250m3.

6)  Get rid of noisy window unit

Noise-free Air Conditioner

It will keep the  inside cool for a longer period of time like for a whole day or so and it will cost as less as it can. Plus, it will work quietly without disturbing your sleep or work without using any batteries.

7)  Simple to operate and well-structured

Simplicity is What Matters

While looking at its design, manufacturing, and material used, we can see that it is professionally designed while keeping in view the simplicity feature. It is as simple as the regular air conditioner but it needs to be connected with the solar panels.


How does the ACDC Technology function?
Like all other devices, hybrid air conditioners work on AC and DC powers with the help of power management technology. This system can work on DC power without needing an extra inverter. The solar DC power replaces AC power as well as it can cut the cost of energy used in daytime. Moreover, during the day the air conditioner uses solar power with the help of solar panels.
What components are included in the making up of the solar air conditioning system?
There are various numbers of components that are included in the system such as PV solar panels, solar DC power, indoor and outdoor units, AC power conversion, wires, and other equipment as well.
How many solar panels are required in the solar air conditioners?
You should know that the number of solar panels depends on the model, weight, dimension, and size of the appliance. The greater the size of the appliance the more will be the panels required and vice versa. According to facts and figures, for 1 ton AC almost 6 panels are required, and for 1.5 tons of the solar air conditioner almost 10 solar panels are required.
Does hybrid AC require any battery?
No, a hybrid ACDC air conditioner does not require any battery, a controller, or an inverter. This system has the ability to directly consume the DC power from the solar panels.


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