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Existing Boiler Efficiency

Turn your existing chiller into an energy-efficient solution, and extract the most value from your investment. Convert your existing inefficient electrical hot water boiler into a power-saving solution that puts you in control of your operating budget.


The technology has years of proven track record across industrial and commercial customers.

Interested in reducing your water heating bills, and putting more capital back in your budget?

Energy Solution

At OffGrid, we offer solutions to convert your existing water boiler into an energy-efficient solution, with zero disruption or downtime to your environment. Our solutions are installed in parallel to your existing electrical heating element solution and can help you save up to 50% of your water heating costs. Contact us to schedule a no-risk onsite assessment of your environment, and explore ways to help pay for the conversion out of energy savings

Conversion Financing 

We offer various financial solutions to help you make the transition, and will work with you to create a solution that is most effective for your environment. 


Qualified customers can convert over with No upfront costs, with our Energy Management Contract. We only get paid when you save. That’s how confident we are of our solutions.