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Zero Cooling Compromise With 50%-100% Energy Savings Call us to find out how we can put cash back in your budget while going green!

Solar Panels produce DC current and batteries only store power in DC current as well. That’s why we designed our air conditioners to be 100% native DC current

It’s a perfect pairing for the type of power generated from your solar system and consumed by the air conditioner unit.

We use pure copper in our condenser coil design because quality matters to us. The advantage of pure copper is that copper is naturally rust resistant and provides a better heat transfer profile. This means fewer service calls, better performance, and a longer life for the unit.

For the most energy efficiency possible, we offer models with built in water misting on condenser coil capabilities. The misting is triggered by compressor utilization level to save water so you only use it when you need it most. Save an additional 20%-30% of power by leveraging this feature.

With vacuum tube technology, leverage the heat outside to help reduce your energy requirements to cool your indoors. Can help save you an additional 10%-15% of energy.

Labor Camp Housing

Every watt consumed in a labor camp has to be provisioned, sometimes using diesel generators. With OGS 100% DC Air Conditioners, you can take your indoor cooling energy demand off the generator, and move it to rooftop solar solutions, that saves you on power provisioning and decentralizes your critical energy demand.

Security Booth

Providing cooling to an outdoor security booth can be challenging. At OGS, we have ready made solution for outposts and booths that need cooling and energy. Our solution saves you from the cost of provisioning grid power to these locations, and the ongoing energy costs.

Mobile Offices

Construction sites, job sites and remote work facilities all share the same challenge of getting energy to these offices. At OGS, we can generate the cooling and power for office equipment just from rooftop solar solutions. Add our atmospheric water generator for drinking and potable water to create your total Off Grid Office solution

Off Grid Housing

Generating enough of your energy onsite has always been a challenge with traditional Air Conditioning solutions. That's why we invented our own Air conditioner especially designed for the age of Solar. Regardless if its a farm house or a city villa, our solution will take your largest energy workload and power it directly from the sun

Stop paying for electricity to cool your home or office. Let the sun provide all the power for your cooling needs. Our air conditioning solutions are designed from the ground up to be powered from Solar power.

When designing a Solar Air Conditioner, every watt of energy counts because every watt consumed by the AC unit has to be generated from Solar Panels and stored in batteries for night time use. The more energy the air conditioning unit consumes, the more expensive your Solar Panel and Battery solution will cost.

At OffGrid, we offer one of the smallest Solar Panel and Battery footprint solution on the market.